Sixxi Blitz #23

Roller Derby Skater, Berlin, Germany

Teams BCRD - WFTDA 20, Team Germany (Women)
On Track Since January 2013 (6 years)

Sixxi Blitz #23


Bear City Roller Derby


Team Germany (Women)

On Track As

Skater, Trainer

On Track Since

January 2013 (6 years)

Other Tasks

Coaching. Event organizing. Sponsoring.

Favourite Penalty

Use of Forearms

About Me


Proudly made in Sardinia, I lived in Torino for 10 years where I founded a Roller Derby league: Bloody Wheels - Roller Derby Torino.
In January 2015 I moved to Berlin and I started skating for BCRD, and now I'm part of the A Team.

I am an anthropologist and I work in the field of cultural events organization in Berlin.

I'm vegan, I'm gay and I'm sardinian. Basically I'm fabulous!

How I got into Roller Derby

I got into Roller Derby a couple of years ago, when I founded a league in Torino, Italy without really knowing that Roller Derby was an actual sport as I hadn't even seen one single practice or bout before. I didn't even had the rudimental idea that Whip It gives to beginners as - back then - I didn't even know that movie existed!
Over time I got to realize I had to work my ass off if I wanted to have some chance.
Soon after I made it to Team Italy and now I skate for BCRD, one of the strongest teams in Germany and in Europe.


Skates Riedell 495 - Roll*Line Killer Plates Wheels Radar Halo 91A
Helmet S1 Pads TSG
Other Equipment My smart butt ;)    


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