R.I.P. #40

Roller Derby Trainer, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Teams The Wreckoning, Team Germany (Women)
On Track Since November 2008 (10 years)

R.I.P. #40


Roller Girls of the Apocalypse


The Wreckoning
Team Germany (Women)

On Track As

Trainer, Bench Coach

On Track Since

November 2008 (10 years)

About Me


I love this game. I love when people can dish out heavy hits and trash talk on the track and leave it out there without holding grudges. The athletic aspect has made leaps and bounds from when I first started in 2009. I took a long 3 years off in 2011 and am glad to be back and playing with this great German/American team and look forward to traveling and meeting some great Derby People.

How I got into Roller Derby

I've always been a huge fan since I was small but it died off for so long and I didn't realize that it came back... plus I was busy with life. In 2008 or 2009 while living in England I watched Whip It with a new friend and simply said... "I'd love to do that". She called me later that night to tell me about the Rebellion Roller Girls in Bedford. I ordered skates the next day and went out to practice as soon as they came in. Thanks Sick Bubblegum!! I owe you big!

Upcoming Bouts

Currently none


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