Terms of Service

See following terms of use for the domain derbyposition.com and other provided subdomains (following named derbyposition) by the operator named in the section 'about us':

1) Provided Services

a) Roller Derby Search: derbyposition enables users to search for leagues, teams, events and profiles related to the topic 'Roller Derby'. The operator does not guarantee for quality, accuracy and completeness.

b) derbyposition Account: Users have the possibility to create a derbyposition account in order to set up or to administrate content of a Roller Derby Profile or of a complete League.

2) Visible Content

a) Leagues: A Roller Derby League consists of a number of members which can be aligned to one ore more teams. Possible viewable contents are: league name, location, logo, description, team colors, year of formation, WFTDA membership (yes/no) and website links.

b) Teams: A team is always related to a league and can be composed of several members. Possible viewable contents are: team name, merby team (yes/no), flat track/ banked track, logo, description and team members.

c) Events: Events is the topic for tournaments and bouts. A bout is a Roller Derby game where two teams compete. A tournament can contain more bouts and dates than a bout. Possible viewable contents are: title, description, location, date, host league, poster, ticket url, ticket prices, matches, officials line-up, skater line-up.

d) Profile: A profile represents a member of a league. Therefore we have following profile types: Roller Girl, Merby player, Trainer, REF, NSO, Bench Coach, Line-up Manager. Possible viewable contents are: derby name, skater number, profile picture, profile type, associated league and teams, favorite penalty, facebook page and league history.

e) Linked contents: Linked contents are contents which come from team-, league- and match assignments to profiles and teams in addition to before named content (a-d) which will be shown as content on profiles like: league members, team members, played bouts/tournaments and line-ups of events.

3) Roller Derby Search

This service is free for all users. Further use of content is not allowed. Also crawling of content is not allowed and can cause exclusion.

4) derbypostition Account

a) Every user can register and set up a account on derbypostion for free. If you finish your account set up it comes to a contractual relationship between derbyposition and the member, which complies with term of use.

b) You can change your data any time at account options. You can also delete your account there.

5) Connect to a Roller Derby Profile

a) Every member can connect with a Roller Derby Profile or set up a new one. Requirement for this connection or creation is the confirmation of the corresponding League Admin. Derbyposition cannot guarantee for conclusion of this connection. If there is no existing League Admin every member of the League can become League Admin (see point 6 League Admin). While sending your request to your League Admin there will be a clear notification, that your Name and eMail will be visible for the Admins of this League. This is necessary to prevent abuse and to improve the quality of content on derbypostion. If you have problems to get your connection confirmed by your League Admin please talk to them personally to clear the situation. A member is only allowed to sign up for it's own Roller Derby Profile, which contains your actual Derby Name.

b) As soon as a connection is confirmed the member is able to update it's profile details: derby name, skaters number, profile picture, position, favorite penalty and facebook url. Those information has to accord to your league profile.

c) This connection can be canceled anytime by the league admin or by derbyposition.

d) There is no ownership of the connection to your profile.

6) League Admin

a) A member is able to become League Admin of their league. For one League there is a max number of 3 League Admins. The one who signs in for League Admin has to be verified and activated manually by derbyposition. Therefore you need to get in contact with derbyposition via your league's official facebooksite or with any of your league's official emails. Derbyposition cannot guarantee for this confirmation. League Admins have to be active members of the corresponding league or sports club.

b) As soon as a member is a League Admin it will get profile and league admin requests via email. This should be answered asap. Therefore it should be made sure by the league admin, that he activates only familiar league members.

c) The first League Admin can remove the League Admin status of other League Admins of his own League. Also it's possible that he changes the status of other League Admins to 'First League Admin'. He will lose it's own status while doing this.

d) As a League Admin you can update contents of your league, teams and profiles. And you can add events including officials, lineups, matches, ....

e) The 'League Admin' status can be removed by the 'First League Admin' or derbyposition at anytime.

f) There is no ownership of the League Admin status.

7) Updating Contents

If a member is able to update or add contents and pictures (e.g. league logo, team logo, profile image, event posters, ...) it agrees to the following rules:

a) It's not allowed to distribute illegal, sexist, insulting or displeasing contents in form of text or pictures on derbyposition.

b) Text as well as pictures have to be intellectual property of the member or you own the required rights of text and picture for distribution on derbyposition.

c) With submitting of texts or with upload of pictures the member clearly agrees to publication on derbyposition.com.

d) derbyposition reserves the right to delete content which does not follow this terms of service.

8) Links and contents on derbyposition.com

If derbypostion uses links to other websites, there will be used exclusively simple links like footnotes. derbypotion has no influence on those contents, their layout, ownership and changes because they are foreign contents. Derbyposition is not responsible for all of these foreign contents. Links will be checked regularly to see if there will be changes on this foreign websites and if there are clear illegal actions. If derbyposition will get to know about illegal content on this sites links will be deleted immediately. If you know about illegal action on these site please let us know via eMail to headref@derbyposition.com so we can take care about it quickly. We dissociate clearly from the content of linked websites. The operator of these websites is liable for illegal, wrong and incomplete content and especially damage done by using or not using it. These rules also apply to member added content on league-, team-, event- and profile sites. Those contents will also be checked regularly.

9) Cancellation

A member can resign the using contract at any time without giving reasons. Therefor you can either delete your account at account options in your login area or you can send your notice to headref@derbyposition.com.

10) Availability

derbyposition can not guarantee for the availability of this service. derbyposition reserves the right to cancel or update the service.