Frequently Asked Questions

» General FAQ

What is derbyposition?

derbyposition is a worldwide Roller Derby Search. You can find Roller Derby Leagues, Teams, Games, Skaters, Officials, Bench Coaches and Lineup Managers. You have also the possibility to create your own derbyposition account and add your or your League's Profile data.

How does it work?

You can either choose a category in the upper left corner of your screen, or you can use the Search Box. The Search Box offers you suggestions corresponding to your search.

Some Examples:

Who should create a debyposition Account?

It makes senses to create a derbyposition account if you are an active member of a Roller Derby League. You can manage your own or your League's Profile. If you keep your data up to date it gets much easier for your fans to find you and your League on In addition to this your boutscore (stars and number under your picture) rises from every bout you have added.

What is the Boutscore?

The Boutscore represents the level of bout experience of each Profile. The Boutscore will be updated in relation to the most played Bouts once per day. Every assignment to a line-up counts for the Boutscore. Team and League Boutscores will be generated form the average Boutscore of the corresponding skaters.

» To make a long story short: If a Profile has no assignment to a lineup, it gets no Boutscore.

How can I update wrong or missing Information on Profiles?

You can add any data to your Profile by yourself. If you find a bug in other profiles please let us know via eMail:

» FAQ for registered Users

How can I create a Profile or update an existing one?

If you can't find your Derby Name on you can create your own Profile. If your League is not registered on derbyposition yet you need to add it first (see also FAQ for League Admins).

In order to manage an existing Derby Profile you need to create a derbyposition Account first: Create new Account.
As soon as you are registered you can add a new Profile or connect to an existing Profile. To get your account activated a registered League Admin of the corresponding League is required. If there is no League Admin for your League yet, you can become League Admin.

As soon as your new Profile or the connection to your Profile is activated by the League Admin you can start to update it and add your information e.g. upload a profile image.

My Derby Name is already in use, what can I do?

Each Derby Name can be used once at the moment. If your Derby Name is already in use please use a slightly different spelling (e.g. Scaroll1na instead of Scarollina).

(We are aware that this is no solution for many derby namens. Be patient, we are still working on a feature that allows you to add derby names a bunch of times)

I'm active in more than one League. Can I add this?

A Derby Profile belongs to exactly one League. But you can be added to more than one team of different Leagues. Please ask the relevant League Admins about this topic.

What do I have to consider if I want to upload a Profile picture?

Please use a 'JPG' image with a min size of 180x220 pixel and a max file size of 2MB. IMPORTANT: You need to have the rights of the image to be published on The picture has to be in accordance with the Terms of Service. If you upload a picture you agree that it will be published on

How can I add myself to Bout Lineups?

It's necessary for this to be linked to a team of your Derby League. If a League Admin has added some Bouts for this Team you can add yourself to the Lineup. The Boutscore will be updated once a day.

» FAQ for League Admins

What is a League Admin?

A League Admin manages the whole League on derbypostion. He can add new Members and Teams, confirm Profile requests and add more League Admins. He can also add new Events (Tournaments and Bouts). Within Events he can add Officials, Matches and Lineups.

How can I get League Admin?

First you need to create a derbyposition Account: Create Account.
After your registration you have to sign in, search your League on derbyposition and the send a League Admin Request. If you can't find your League you can add it. If there is no League Admin yet or if you added your League recently you will have to send your Request directly to derbyposition. We will confirm your request after checking as soon as possible.

What do I have to care about as a League Admin?

League Admins are responsible for responding to Profile Requests and any other Requests. Please have a close look if requests come directly from your teammates or not. If you don't know a person just don't confirm this Request ;-)