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The wall of pain

Scarollina, 2014-08-31

When someone asks me if she should start playing Roller Derby my answer mostly comes along with the question "Can you deal with bruises?". If not you should stay away from Derby and skates. The truth about having bruises all over your body means that you can't wear skirts most time of the bout season if you don't want people to be angry on your boyfriend. Or even worse your doctor expects you to start crying and telling her about domestic abuse and is very relieved if you start telling her about Roller Derby.

In my case I have always had bruises everywhere - I even didn't know where they came from, as I'm a very clumsy person and get bruised very easily. Starting Roller Derby there is actually a cause for your bruises. Everybody has them, they get more and more and even have funny shapes – actually they gain personality in a way. After a while you will find your self, taking pictures of your bruises, show them off to your teammates and start comparing them. Bruises become our female trophies of fearlessness and strength.

Women get bruises more easily then men do. We take this seeming weakness and turn it upside down. Some leagues like Norrköping Roller Derby or Aloha City Rollers have a wall of pain on their websites and post their teams bruises. You can find bruises contests and facebook and tumblr pages of Roller Derby bruises. This is just one simple fact that shows the principal of how Roller Derby changes your perception of live. I block - you fall - repeat.

Walls of pain:

The wall of pain
Date 2014-08-31
Written by Scarollina
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