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derbyposition goes mobile!

Cyberknut, 2015-11-07

The last weeks we spend a lot of time on making derbyposition mobile friendly. From today all pages (except login pages) are optimized for mobile phones. This is just the first step but also a big one, because without the optimization it was hardly possible to use derbyposition on a mobile device. So we REALLY hope you enjoy your new mobile friendly derby profile on derbyposition. Just have a look at the profile of Sixxi Blitz from Berlin she uploaded some awesome pictures:

» Skater profile of Sixxi Blitz

Latest updates

  • Optimized for mobile phones
  • Upcoming events on profile pages now showing all upcoming events you are assigned to as a skater or an official
  • Added a warning to the downloadable WFTDA-Sheets
  • Optimized image loading
  • Fixed German date format in event lists
  • Fixed German Roller Derby ranking calculations
  • Some smaller fixes

And again, thank you for your Feedback! Please keep sending us your feedback to

derbyposition goes mobile!
Date 2015-11-07
Written by Cyberknut
Category derbyposition