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Your brand new Derby Profile...

Cyberknut, 2015-08-22

... is waiting for you!

We added a LOT of features to the profile pages which makes your profile on derbyposition a FULL Roller Derby Profile.

You are now able to

  • Spend derby love ;-)
  • See your profile visits
  • Send messages
  • Upload images
  • Add a cover image
  • Tell people about your equipment
  • Add your derby history
  • As a REF you can now add a link to your Officiating Game History

Leagues are able to

  • Upload some images
  • Add a lot of description about training, recruiting and history
  • Add a link to their merchandise onlineshop
  • ...

Just have a look at some updated profiles and enjoy:
Space Cadet
Anni Hilate
Betty Beezarre
Johan Solo
Alexa Doom

Last but not least, thank you very much for your Feedback! Please send us your suggestions to

Your brand new Derby Profile...
Date 2015-08-22
Written by Cyberknut
Category derbyposition