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Pre-filled WFTDA Statsbook IGRF Sheet

Cyberknut, 2015-04-07

It's a pain to fill out the WFTDA IGRF sheet manually before each roller derby game, isn't it? Even the alphanumeric sorting of the skaters can be very tricky and error-prone. Thank god PuppetMaster came along with a smart idea to pre-fill those sheets according to the lineup previously entered on derbyposition. So if you added your matches and lineups on derbyposition already you can easily download an Excel file with the corresponding lineup in an alphanumeric order.

Side note:
Unfortunately it is not permitted to offer an altered version of the WFTDA Statsbook for download, so you have to copy and paste the contents from our pre-filled sheet into the WFTDA sheet. Maybe we'll find a solution to skip this step one day :-)

So where can you download this magic pre-filled sheet on
First of all you have to be signed in (either as a league admin or with a normal account which is connected to a derby profile). You'll find the download link on the details page of a game, after choosing the corresponding match. As a league admin you can also download it while editing events (scroll down to the matches there).

We hope you enjoy our little helper, feel free to send us your feedback:

Pre-filled WFTDA Statsbook IGRF Sheet
Date 2015-04-07
Written by Cyberknut
Category derbyposition