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You think you are a Roller Girl?

Cyberknut, 2015-04-02

About a half year ago derbyposition started with some pretty common wordings like 'Bout', 'Merby', 'Roller Girl', ... Fortunately we got a lot of feedback during the last months especially that those wordings aren't as common as we thought. So we learned that a roller derby game is no bout anymore it's just a game, the term 'merby' seems to be derogatory in the US and a woman won't identify herself with beeing a (roller-) 'girl'.
Today we dropped those terms among some other updates and changes which are listed below.

Update News - April 2015

(aka: an overview of what happened the last months)

  • Wordings
    • Replaced 'roller girl' by 'skater'
    • Replaced 'merby' by 'skater'
    • Replaced 'bout' by 'game'
    • Replaced 'ref' by 'skating official'
    • Replaced 'nso' by 'non skating official'
  • German Roller Derby Bundesliga
    • German league members can register for the Bundesliga via derbyposition
    • League-Admins are able to create Bundesliga-Events
    • Added a dedicated Bundesliga ranking page
    • Automated Bundesliga Ranking calculation
    • Implemented automated E-Mail reminders containing the current lineup before each Bundesliga game
    • Built an easy to use Bundesliga-Widget for the league websites. You can have a look at it on the website of Roller Derby Dresden
    • Btw, if you are planning to start a league/ranking system in your country and need some help, just tell us. We can easily adapt the existing ranking system to your needs.
  • Added Junior Roller Derby as an option for teams
  • Header menu adapted
  • Boutscore only showing up on skater profiles
  • New League WFTDA status: 'WFTDA Apprentice'
  • New League orientation: 'Co-Ed League'
  • The profile's favourite penalty is not mandatory anymore
  • Filter on results page adapted (new wordings, new properties)
  • Fixed sorting on the results page for event searches
  • Added dummy images for officials on event pages
  • @Doctor Frankenskate: RSS? We're really sorry about this but RSS is not on our list anymore... ...because we started a new one ;-)

And again thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate that! Please send us your suggestions to .

You think you are a Roller Girl?
Date 2015-04-02
Written by Cyberknut
Category derbyposition