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Update News - November 2014

Cyberknut, 2014-11-16

This Update brings you a completely revised league profile page with more relevant details. For example, we decided to remove the dedicated team profile pages and put this content on the league page. Curious? Have a look at the Dresden Pioneers profile page.

Another big update is the new profile type 'Announcer', so please welcome our first Announcers on derbyposition:

Complete list of updates

  • League profile page reloaded:
    • Added quantity of league members
    • You can add your leagues' association name and website
    • All relevant team details are displayed directly on the leagues' page
    • All league members and officials are displayed at once
    • You can filter league members by teams
    • A click on a profile shows a popup with the skaters' details
    • Team colors can now be assigned by team (and not by league anymore)
    • Added quantity of team members
    • Added some (tbh very basic) team stats
    • Added a seperate officials section displaying all official profiles of the league
  • Removed team profile pages
  • Added a new profile type 'announcer'
  • Fixed some auto-suggest stuff
  • Fixed boutscore calculation (no score for lineup or bench anymore, only for skaters)
  • @Doctor Frankenskate: Yes, RSS is still on our list :P

Last but not least, thank you very much for your Feedback! Please send us your suggestions to

Update News - November 2014
Date 2014-11-16
Written by Cyberknut
Category derbyposition