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German Roller Derby Bundesliga

We provide the latest rankings and games of the German Roller Derby Bundesliga. We are really proud to be a part of the Bundesliga from the very first game and to be a suitable platform to manage and view the Bundesliga rankings. If you need some advice or a plattform for a new League in your country feel free to contact us.

German Roller Derby Bundesliga

RoDeO - Roller Derby Organization

So far mainly the Bundesliga is organized via derbyposition. Matches are entered, rankings get calculated automatically, reminder emails containing the current lineups are sent, ...
But you can also use derbyposition for a part of your game organization besides the Bundesliga yet. For example you can ask the opponent team to enter their lineup directly on derbyposition. This will save you the circumstantial sending of emails with skater names and numbers, you can also download the pre-filled WFTDA IGRF Sheet, and in the end even the fans like what your are doing because they get all the event information from your league's page on derbyposition. And as you might know, the more fans can find your events, the more visitors you'll have at the next match ;-)

Roller Derby Blog

You are new to Roller Derby and need some tips n tricks? Or you are an experienced skater who wants to share his knowledge? Both of you are very welcome the join our blog. Feel free to read or write an article about Roller Derby.

Roller Derby Blog