Celia Fate #3

Roller Derby Skater, Nürnberg, Deutschland

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Celia Fate #3


Sucker Punch Rollerderby Nürnberg

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I was a not-so-sporty girl who wanted to get active, make friends, and break out of my shell. Within the past year, derby has helped me accomplish all that and more. I love the sisterhood!!

Name and number? Celia Fate is wordplay.. I "seal your fate" on the track :) I am the third of four sisters so 3 has always resonated with me. Plus, the 3 Mythical Fates.

Derby advice? STAY LOW!!

Mein Weg zum Roller Derby

I met a derby girl in Texas and decided to check out local leagues. After a few practices, I was addicted!


Skates Bont Wheels Juice
Helm - Schützer Triple 8
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