Vitturia #2323

Roller Derby Skater, Berlin, Deutschland

Teams BCRD - WFTDA 20, Berlin Wallbreakers - BCRD B
Auf dem Track seit Februar 2017 (4 Jahre)

Vitturia #2323


Bear City Roller Derby


Berlin Wallbreakers - BCRD B

Auf dem Track als


Auf dem Track seit

Februar 2017 (4 Jahre)

Weitere Aufgaben

Newbie Coach // B -Team Captain

Lieblings Penalty

Use of Forearms

Ehemalige Leagues

Kallio Rolling Rainbow

Über mich


wanna be the best Pivot in History!

Mein Weg zum Roller Derby

In 2009 I saw my first Roller Derby Game of the Hamburg Harbour Girls and got fascinated. I lost track of my idea to become a Skater myself, but regained it in October 2016 with starting a Rookie Course at the Prussian FatCats in Potsdam. Kallio Rolling Rainbow raised me from January 17 onwards til July 17. MST passed.First Scrimmages. First two Games played at "10 year anniversary extravaganza with STRD" in Stockholm.
From August 2017 an intermediate Skater at Bear City Roller Derby's C-Team Breaking Bears.
Since January 2018 I moved up to Bear Citys B-Team. One year later I became a A/B Crossover.


Skates Mota Mojo Quad Boot Wheels Radar Preste 91 A
Helm S1 Life Saver Schützer Smith/ 187 Killer
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