Tenente Competente #008

Roller Derby Skater, Köln, Deutschland

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Auf dem Track seit April 2015 (6 Jahre)

Tenente Competente #008


Cologne Roller Derby

Auf dem Track als

Skater, NSO, Announcer

Auf dem Track seit

April 2015 (6 Jahre)

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Ehemalige Leagues

Chaos Crushers Coblenz
Roller Derby Dresden
Munich Rolling Rebels

Über mich


Short Summary: Startet out as a Munich Rolling Rebel... became a Municorn... went to the US to be a Derby Dame.. came back to be a Roller Derby Dresden Girl... and ended up creating Chaos with the Chaos Crushers Coblenz. Since May 2018 I also have been a Cologne Roller Derby girl... playing for the Cologne league feels like coming home... feels like being back in Munich where everything has started. I am a very happy derby girl now!

Mein Weg zum Roller Derby

12 years ago I met a hot girl in a bar and she told glamorous stories about Roller Derby. It then took 8 more years before I decided to join the game... and here I am now! ;)


Skates Antik; Chaya Wheels Radar; Poison
Helm Baur Schützer Killer Pads
Sonstige Ausrüstung employer-officially-delivered camouflage-makeup ;)    

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