Ida Givafok #28

Roller Derby Skater, Dresden, Deutschland

Teams Dresden Pioneers
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Ida Givafok #28


Roller Derby Dresden


Dresden Pioneers

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Skater, Announcer

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league organ, mental coaching, WFTDA Rep, PR

Lieblings Penalty

Blocking with the Head

Über mich

Mein Weg zum Roller Derby

When I was 12 I went to the roller skating rink all the time. I used to get into fights outside the rink – I've always had a lot of haters. One of those personalities, I guess. The first time I heard about Derby, I wanted to play. But my town didn't have a team, and I was doing other stuff, so I forgot about it.

Later in life, different city, I wanted to play a team sport and looked for Roller Derby. It didn't yet exist. So I went to sign up for Handball, and they told me I couldn't play because "It's too brutal and you're a woman." Uh, what? I shunned team sports for another few years.

Then, while hiking, I randomly stumbled upon Roller Derby Dresden due to a bad algorithm (#Googlefail). They were having a beginners course starting the very next day.


Skates Wicked Wheels Radar 92a
Helm TSG Schützer Killer
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