Mr. T.

Roller Derby Trainer, Dresden, Deutschland

Teams Team Germany (Men)
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Mr. T.


Roller Derby Dresden


Team Germany (Men)

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Trainer, Lineup Manager

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Lieblings Penalty

Delay of Game

Über mich


I am currently working as a physiotherapist in Dresden and trying my best to be a good line-up manager, off skate fitness coach and generally supporter of the best sport in the world. I am currently learning skating myself to become an even better coach and valuable part of my team. Also it simply a lot of fun. I also like and do a lot of functional fitness related training and longboarding on the side.

Mein Weg zum Roller Derby

I got the girls to know when I was looking for a team to make a scientific study about sling training as part of my bachelor thesis. I immediately became fond of the sport and the team and have been hooked ever since. Later on I was honored by being offered the position as line-up manager and coach.


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