Destination: Derby

Roller Derby League, St. Albert, Kanada

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Destination: Derby


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"Destination: Derby" is composed of a team of roller derby players with differing levels, plus skating and non-skating officials. Our team consists of participants from the USA and Canada, and we travel to visit roller derby leagues, hoping to acquire knowledge and new skills in the ever-growing sport of roller derby.

We strive to maintain a positive and fulfilling learning environment for all of our participants. As a team, we are on a journey of improvement and self-empowerment. We learn from the leagues we visit, and we take back with us the skills we need to be successful as teammates and individuals. We also strive to be the ambassadors for all roller derby players and officials who have struggled with hardships, injuries, and obstacles, and to those who have overcome those obstacles through self-awareness, freedom, and self-worth. We hope to represent the sport of roller derby in the most positive way possible, and share our experiences with fellow roller derby players and leagues all over the world.

Through fundraising, sponsorship and amalgamations with interested organizations and events, we hope to acquire the funds possible to take our participants on the journey of a lifetime.

Our current sponsors: Dark Consulting

Torrid Fire Fitness Training
Stewart Jones Photography

Our journey will consist of a 22 day trip into the United States, visiting 15 American leagues between August 1 - 23, 2015.

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