TXRD-Texas Roller Derby

Roller Derby League, Austin, USA

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Gründungsjahr 2001

TXRD-Texas Roller Derby


Women's Roller Derby



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Rhinestone Cowgirls



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Banked Track Roller Derby

In 2001, Austin’s Red River District punk scene gave birth to the new roller derby revolution in the form of Bad Girl Good Woman Productions by the She­E­Os ­ Anya Jack, April Herman, Heather Burdick and Nancy Lynn.

A spectacle from the very beginning, TXRD has grown into the perfect blend of the “Keep Austin Weird” attitude and a free­wheeling pursuit of fun and competition. Skaters range from ages 21-­45 and come from all walks of life to form the league’s five teams -­ Holy Rollers, Hellcats, Putas del Fuego, Cherry Bombs and Rhinestone Cowgirls. TXRD is skater owned and operated and each member plays a roll in the continued success of the league. Our plans for the future are big and our dreams are bigger.

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Rhinestone Cowgirls

Rhinestone Cowgirls
Team Typ Women's Roller Derby, Banked Track
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