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Result list updates

Cyberknut, 07.02.2016

This weekend we updated the search result list in two ways. Some layout changes and even more interesting: the default sorting.

First of all we want to offer some more information about the result, so we decided to make a list-style instead of the gallery-style to get more space for some profile details. The first step, which you can see right now, is to view the derby love and profile views right in the result list.

The other change affects the sorting of the result entries. So far the sorting was all about the Boutscore. To get a meaningful boutscore you need a lot of complete lineups on derbyposition, but not every skater can enter every match. So we thought about another factor for the sorting and found two ones: The profile visits and the derby love. So from now on the sorting is made of 40% Boutscore, 40% profile visits and 20% derby love.
(the sorting is updated once a day)

Curious? Just have a look at any result list, for example: Roller Derby Leagues in Germany

Result list updates
Datum 07.02.2016
Geschrieben von Cyberknut
Kategorie derbyposition